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What is wearable technology?
In the era of technology and innovation, wearable sensor technology is the most prominent and demanded technology in healthcare & Automobile industry applications. These smart electronic devices can be worn and designed, embedded in cloth or can even be implanted in the user’s body and controlled by either microprocessor or microcontroller. Having the ability to send and receive data through the internet. We can control this device’s smartphone app, cloud computing for displaying the result.
We can use numerous sensors in wearable technology like temperature sensor, pulse sensor, pressure sensor to allow them to monitor and record the human body & nature activity. There are a huge number of applications available in the market like smartwatches, smart glasses to track the human body activity including blood pressure, temperature, heartbeat, oxygen level.

Why is it useful?

  • This technology offers the user’s safety. They are also promoting healthier living as it encourages fitness, healthy eating, exercising and also medical care access.
  • The healthcare system gives the remote monitoring of patients, wearable provides real-time access to health records and provides quicker diagnosis and treatment of conditions.
  • Most sensors can track motion, heart, brain pulse and muscle activity.
  • They track the number of steps you take, the calories you burn, your heart rate and how long you sleep. Fitness trackers are available in a range of prices and form factors, depending on your needs.
  • These devices are used for tracking information on a real-time basis.
  • The rapid acquisition of such devices placed wearable technology at the forefront of the IoT. The growth of mobile networks enabled the development of this technology.
  • This technology is evolving rapidly into an important category of IoT. The engineers are working to make it easier to use and less costly.