Now a days, Electronics products are an inseparable part of our life. Be it home, office or on move, we are always surrounded by electronics systems. From home appliances like television, washing machine or workplace gadgets like printers, elevators to automobiles or automatic traffic control systems, all works are using electronics components, embedded systems programming, PCB design etc.

Embedded systems is an emerging technology, which is attracting a lot of investors to invest in Electronics Systems Design & Manufacturing industries under Make in India initiative. This growth is bringing in a lot of job opportunities in electronics industries. Research and Development (R&D) is one such sector, which is of great benefit to Indian market because of the talent it possesses in terms of quality and quantity. I’ve noticed a vast growth in this sector over the past few years.

The fresh graduates are not only attracted towards the handsome salaries that this sector offers, but also there is always a scope for a students or a less experienced to explore his/her creativity by working on innovative projects.

I want to congratulate those, who are in the initial stage of learning electronics or programming basics or who are about to join this fast growing sector. I am glad that they have chosen the right path, that too at a very appropriate time.

I would state that the fresh engineering graduates especially from the electronics, computers and operating systems background have the right caliber to start ahead to become certified embedded software engineer, PCB design engineer, Electronics hardware design engineer. It’s the right time to join this race. I suggest if you begin now, you surely will win the race and some of you may even end up leading the potential market.

Getting jobs should not be your concern because, that’s the responsibility we take on in long-term programs. Your race begins with the basic knowledge of electronics and “Embedded Technology Foundation” is the perfect runway for a steady take-off of your booming career.