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IoT is making tasks easier and efficient with its promise of connecting machines.

For engineers, the rapid adoption of IoT technology is changing the future trajectory of their careers.

The IoT will replace various low-skill jobs with high-skill engineering jobs.

Simultaneously, our economy is evolving into what has been called the “creative economy,” where anyone can create valuable content.

IoT is the platform which has plenty of job opportunities not only for IT engineers but IoT has a great opportunity for electronics, electrical, instrumentation engineers also. Around 20 percent of logistics organisations are using drones for searching and monitoring activities.


“So through IoT we want to tell every engineer that IoT has a bright future and there will be so many jobs for engineers in the coming time. IoT is the platform which will make human lives easy and without engineers, there is no world for IoT”.


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“IoT is the great revolution in technology waiting to happen”


Varun Goyal