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In the era of digital technology and automation, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are widely used in digital & electronics product. PCB is interlinked with the Embedded systems, Internet of Things, and Electronics hardware design.  The PCB boards demand is increased in the market with competitive growth in consumer electronics and the automotive industry, thrive for making new digital products for the consumers.

With IoT taking over the market, huge numbers of small products with smart features are being made. For all these products, designing circuits on small PCB is becoming a must. As India is developing in the Electronics field tremendously, there is a very good scope in this field. The size and beauty of an electronic product lie in the hand of a designer. Thus, PCB designers play a vital role in electronics.                                     

The PCB design process consists of the component placement and routing to make electrical connectivity on a manufactured printed circuit board. The specialized CAD software is used to do much of the work of layout.

The printed circuit board design can be manufactured as bulk using several machines in PCB fabrication industries including drilling, punching, plating and final fabrication processes that are performed through highly automated machines.

With the EDA(Electronic Design Automation) tool, we do the schematic capturing. PCB designing Software is a tool used to make the layout of the circuit of an electronic device. PCB mounts various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and IC’s. With this software, we are able to visualize and test the working of the circuit. It also facilitates the accuracy and productivity of the PCB design process.

The consumer electronics industry is currently dominating the market due to the high demand for smartphones, smart home appliances and smart devices.                           

The PCB designing field is unwavering until new products are coming into the market, the scope of PCB designing will be there.