Module 2

Device and Cloud Computing

Introduction to Embedded Linux System Architecture

  • Embedded Linux System Arch
  • Building blocks of Embedded Systems Hardware Intro ( ARM Arc, Cores, SOCs,
  • SOMs & SBCs )
  • HW Interfacing protocols ( GPIO, UART- RS232/RS485, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB,
  • Ethernet, CAN, Display: RGB, LVDS, MIPI
  • Details of RB

Board Bring-up

  • Powering up RB
  • Playing around with Toolchain
  • Writing Python and C program on RB.
  • Using TFTP and NFS Server

GPIO programming

    • GPIO Subsystem of Linux
    • Programming LED & Relays
    • Sensor Interfacing
    • Proximity Sensor, PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor and other Digital Sensors

    Gateway & Cloud Programming

    • Basic methods of Cloud communication protocols Pub/Sub, Client-Server
    • Application layer protocols
    • Cloud communication protocols ( HTTP, MQTT, CoAP )Use of these protocols for Cloud communication
    • Control device from Cloud using MQTT
    • Basics of pairing device to an Access point

Field Device Interfacing

      • How to get data from Filed Machinery / Devices like Energy Meter, CNC, PLC, etc
      • RS232, RS485
      • Mod-Bus protocol
      • Programming Filed devices over Ethernet, WiFi and CAN
      • PLC interfacing with ruggedBOARD using OPC-UA