Post Graduate Certification Program in Internet of Things


Course Features

  • Course Duration: 6 Month
  • Category:
  • Students: 0
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Location: NEW DELHI CENTER
  • Language: English/Hindi
  • Lesson: 4
  • Viewers: 8558
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Course Capacity: 10
  • Start Course: 11/11/2019




India ONLY Job Guarantee Program offered by Emtech Foundation with the collaboration of Ruggad Board Group. The Program is blend of Embedded System, Linux, Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Computing with the real time application for Electronics Industry.

Designed to give students a comprehensive electronics domain knowledge with a combination of in-person class sessions, seminar by the top industry leaders from electronics domain and hands on learning in Emtech foundation.



– Basic understanding of electronics fundamentals

– C language programming

– Good logical reasoning and problem solving skills



The candidates will be selected strictly based on Resume shortlist and INTERVIEW.

Rugged Board

Rugged Board is an Hardware & Software initiative to align with the fast growing Semiconductor technologies with a switch from classic to modern product development strategy & process. The usage of System on Module over a System on Chip is the rapid way to achieve time to market, curtail development risks for product quantities ranging from few to thousands. Rugged Board team targets to combine the Open source (Carrier Boards) community strength with industrial grade some and initiated the first Open Source Hardware “Industrial Pico Computer” which is powered by phyCORE-A5D2 SOM with Microchip A5D2x Cortex-A5 Core @500 MHz. The Open Source IoT stack equivalent to Intel MRAA & UPM developed in C/C++ holds a tremendous opportunity to the Embedded Systems & gives programmers its ease of Python / nodeJs / Java.

Program Structure

The Program Comprises of 450+ hours of full time practical training on weekdays.

Module 1

IoT Architecture, Linux Intro & Python Programming

Detail discussion on Training structure and TID process

  • Walk through entire training program
  • The objective of each phase of TID Process(Training, Integration & Development, Deployment & Maintenance)
  • Internet of Things Introduction
  • IoT Application and Use Cases w.r.t. Verticals

Basic of IoT & Detailed Arch

  • Big picture of IoT Architecture
  • How data flows from sensors to Cloud to DA/ML to Users
  • All about sensors and their types
  • MCU and MPU
  • Hardware Boards as Sensor Nodes, IoT Gateways & Edge Computing devices
  • Different Programming languages in Iot
  • Wireless technologies overview ( RF, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, BLE, WiFi, Sub-1GHz, LoRA, SigFox, Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Cat-M, NbIoT)
  • Cloud Server, communication protocols and Frameworks
  • User Applications and Frameworks


A quick refresh of Basic Electronics

  • Define and understand the usage of basic electronic components
  • Some DIY projects references

Linux Basics

  • Introduction to Linux and shell commands Basic commands for Network and Disk
  • Management
  • Compiling C program and executing in Linux

PYTHON Programming

  • Working with Variables in Python
  • Numeric Operations in Python
  • Python Compound Statements
  • Python String Types
  • Python’s Tuples
  • Python’s Lists
  • Creating Python Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Networking Programming
  • Multi-threaded Programming
  • Modules and Packages
  • Popular Python libraries and their usage
  • Database access (MySQL/SQLite)
  • Handling JSON and XML data formats

Module 2

Device and Cloud Computing

Introduction to Embedded Linux System Architecture

  • Embedded Linux System Arch
  • Building blocks of Embedded Systems Hardware Intro ( ARM Arc, Cores, SOCs,
  • SOMs & SBCs )
  • HW Interfacing protocols ( GPIO, UART- RS232/RS485, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB,
  • Ethernet, CAN, Display: RGB, LVDS, MIPI
  • Details of RB

Board Bring-up

  • Powering up RB
  • Playing around with Toolchain
  • Writing Python and C program on RB.
  • Using TFTP and NFS Server

GPIO programming

    • GPIO Subsystem of Linux
    • Programming LED & Relays
    • Sensor Interfacing
    • Proximity Sensor, PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor and other Digital Sensors

    Gateway & Cloud Programming

    • Basic methods of Cloud communication protocols Pub/Sub, Client-Server
    • Application layer protocols
    • Cloud communication protocols ( HTTP, MQTT, CoAP )Use of these protocols for Cloud communication
    • Control device from Cloud using MQTT
    • Basics of pairing device to an Access point

Field Device Interfacing

      • How to get data from Filed Machinery / Devices like Energy Meter, CNC, PLC, etc
      • RS232, RS485
      • Mod-Bus protocol
      • Programming Filed devices over Ethernet, WiFi and CAN
      • PLC interfacing with ruggedBOARD using OPC-UA



BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

      • Basics of BLE
      • Designing BLE based Sensor and BLE Beacons
      • Designing BLE device Controllers
      • BLE Gateway Programming Android App

Zig-Bee & LoRA

      • Understanding ZigBee and programming
      • Understanding LoRA and programming

Cellular Connectivity & GPS

      • How to use 2G/3G/4G-LTE/NbIoT/Cat-M for data connection
      • How to programming GPS

Home/ Industrial Automation Project

      • Hardware programming of the Kit
      • Cloud & Mobile App development
      • Use-case Home Automation, plant watering, etc.



Project Design and basic Sensor Programming

  • Business Logic development and Modules Programming
  • Complete System Integration
  • Unit Testing and System Testing
  • Mechanical and Deployment
  • Installation and Testing
  • Filed Testing
  • Bug Fixing and System Stability

Smart Transportation


It can be defined as a field where the technology is applied to the transportation infrastructure. It includes wide range of applications such as traffic and mobility management and different modes of transport.

Use Case :

Here is an interesting scenario of the real time application in London. Some train operators predict the loading of train passenger cars on their trips in and out of the city. They combine the data from ticket sales, movement sensors, and CCTV cameras installed along the platform. Analyzing this data, train operators can predict how each car will load up with passengers. When a train comes into a station, train operators encourage passengers to spread along the train to maximize the loading. By maximizing the capacity use, train operators avoid train delays.



It is the system where the technology is applied to areas where measuring environmental conditions that influence crop production to tracking livestock health indicators which enable the farmers to maximise yield and minimize expenses.

Use Case:

Smart agriculture helps in automated farming, collection of data from the field and then analyses it so that the farmer can make accurate decision in order to grow high quality crop. The field data are collected with the help of sensors, cameras, micro controllers, and actuators. Then the collected data are transferred via internet to the operator or the farmer for decision making.


SMART Retail

It is defined as a set of smart technologies that are designed to provide the consumer a faster, safer and smarter experience while shopping.

Use Case :

Beacons: These are low energy Bluetooth connections to automatically send push notifications directly to shoppers smart phones once they appear in the coverage area. It’s a small device that can be attached on walls. Through Beacon technology, retailers can easily reach their audience and provide an engaging experience at the same time collecting and analysing data about customer behaviour.

Job Placements

All selected candidates are provided 100% Guarantee in Job Placements in ESDM industries located at Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Gr. Noida provided they pass govt. certification test.

Core Industry

Shreya Kumari
Shreya Kumari

10:07 18 Nov 19
At emtech,my experience was very good..I got to learn a lot from this institute..personally ,I really appreciate the knowledge and skills of all the faculties here..and the resources are also very sufficient..I did my first stand alone project in embedded from here.and I got to learn a lot during this period.i think my course was really worth more

Divyanshu Yadav
Divyanshu Yadav

09:59 17 Oct 19
EMTECH FOUNDATION is really great if you want to study core subjects.The training is really great and you get to perform certain projects.

pratham kumar
pratham kumar

11:08 10 Aug 19
Experience was great.Faculties were very helpful and you can receive your certificate if your project was successfully done.

Mayank Choubey
Mayank Choubey

09:02 03 Aug 19
EMTECH Foundation helped me a lot to develop my technical and practical skills and knowledge. Learned lots of new things and developed new skills from here. Staff were very supporting in nature and guided me well in my summer training. Overall it is one of the best institutes to do training in embedded systems, PCB designing, IOT and many more

Zatin Gupta
Zatin Gupta

05:49 26 Jul 19
Well, I am in contact with emtech since its foundation and I must say that the place and faculty is great here, awesome exp I have, it is the only place which I must say is the destination for engineering learners. I never felt that the faculty or management is not taking care of their students. Projects carried out here are innovative and gave lots of knowledge to the students. Last but not the least, if any one wants to learn IOT, EMBEDDED TECH, PCB DESIGN, ETC then this is the only place which I suggest more

shivam bhardwaj
shivam bhardwaj

09:13 24 Jul 19
Great place to learn practical and technical knowledge…. Best place to learn and work on embedded systems.. U can make any project here based on your ideas, after completing your more

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Our Main Teachers

  • MASTER TRAINER ELECTRONICS SYSTEM DESIGN CEO EMTECH FOUNDATION     Mr. Naveen Kumar has over 15 years of experience in various aspects of electronics product design, embedded systems training and manpower consultancy. Apart from being the founder of Emtech Foundation, he is serving as the technical Consultant for Electronics Sector Skills Council of India, a …
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  • MASTER TRAINER- EMBEDDED SYSTEM DESIGN Mr. Bhim Chand Bhardwaj has over 8+ years of experience in various aspects of Students and Working Professional Training, Embedded Product Design, Electronics Manufacturing Services. Apart from this, he has worked as a Senior Product Manager at EMTECH Foundation since 2011. He has gain incredulous experience in past 8 years …
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  •   MENTOR & DESIGN ARCHITECT- ELECTRONICS & ICT (Technology Philanthropist; Innovation & Standardization Evangelist) Mr Narang N Kishore has over 40 years of professional experience in various aspects of Training, Education, Research, Design Management, Technology, Business, and Industry & Standardization. Apart from this, he has Founder, Mentor & Design Architect at Narnix Technolabs Pvt. Ltd …
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