A Great Opportunity for learning

Technical Stuff

Embedded Systems

  • Programming of different peripherals in assembly and Embedded C Language
  • Hardware soldering, testing, trouble shooting
  • Simulation of circuits & PCB Designing


  • Making interesting and amazing circuits using electronics without micro-controller coding
  • Practical implementation of electronic stuff read in course books till now
  • Understand working of sensors, OP-Amps, shift registers, transistors, diodes, R, L, C practically where to use what and how to decide it and implement it yourself

Non-Technical Stuff

To promote all-round skill development of the intern

  • Getting a first-hand experience of professional work culture and etiquettes
  • New and challenging tasks for sincere candidates increasing the scope of their learning further
  • Great motivation in the work environment
  • Personality-development classes for building the right attitude towards work and important professional skills like teamwork, dedication towards your goal etc.


  1. Knowledge-sharing presentations on different topics in Electronics giving you a deeper insight of the subject
  2. Helpful and self-motivated personnel making a friendly environment
  3. Continuous learning and evaluation help retain the content in the mind for a long time
  4. Refreshing outings of entire Team to incorporate ‘Fun With Work’
  5. Get together of all members for Festivals and New Year celebrations



  • Technical Trainee:  Pursuing or completed B.E. or B.Tech
  • Basic knowledge of C Language, Electronics and Good Aptitude
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Management Trainee:   MBA, BBA
  • Problem Solving Skills


You can learn more than you can think !!!


Interested then apply with updated CV at with subject line Internship.

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