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Industrial Summer Training & Essence Program (STEP’2012) on “Embedded Systems & Robotics Design”

On worldwide leader 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip Technology Inc., USA

About the Training
It is widely recognized that the embedded system domain is a multidisciplinary one, requiring a large variety of skills from electrical, electronics to software engineering. The industrial application based on control and signal processing theory, electronics, computer engineering and science, telecommunication, automobile, defense, aerospace domains etc., require sound knowledge of embedded system design. The training is intended to bring together the technology and education in the field of Embedded System Design. The training program is based on Microchip Mid range (PIC16Fxxxx) 8-bit Microcontroller.

Microchip Technology Inc., USA is world’s #1 company in 8-bit microcontrollers’ category and leading provider of microcontroller, analog and FLASH-IP solutions.

                            *FREE*         Microchip PICkit2 programmer worth ` 2,000         *FREE*

Theory Coverage Interfacing with peripherals/Real world devices
Introduction to Embedded System Led’s (Light Emitting Diodes)  
History of Microcontroller’s development   Linear Keypad
Introduction to different types of microcontroller Matrix Keypad
Microcontroller Vs. Microprocessor Seven Segment Display
RISC Vs. CISC computing  Piezo buzzer
Harvard Vs. Von-Neumann Architecture Relays
Introduction of Microchip Inc., USA Opto-isolator
Microchip Mid-range PIC 16Fxxx Family architecture  Motors (DC/Stepper)  
Pin Diagram & Port Architecture LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays)
Program Counter and Stack Pointer ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
Reset, interrupts, Watchdog timer  Sensors/Actuators (Temp., Light, IR etc.)
Timer/counter   EEPROM Interfacing (Data Storage Memory)
  UART(Serial Communication)
Software Used: Assembly & C language Programming (MPLAB IDE, HI-TECH C Compiler)
Every student has to do compulsory Live Project under supervision of mentors at EMTECH. The student can choose any project of his choice from various technology domain like Robotics, Security, Telecommunication, Automobile, Industrial Automation etc.

10,000/- only

Eligibility: 2nd /3rd / final year engg. students of  Electrical, EEE, ECE, EIC, CSc. branches.

Duration:6/8 weeks (4 hrs/day and 5 days in a week) 

Certification: You will get certificate of international repute from Microchip Inc., USA.

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