Are you having an interest in leading the student community at your college?

Are you active on social media sites, such as- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., with active accounts on either or all of them?

Are you having good communication skills & friendly nature?

If answer is a “YES” to all the above questions…… Then what you are waiting for?… Grab this opportunity and nurture your skills with the leadership qualities under our guidance.

Work Profile

Representation & Guide

Become our representative in your college campus and guide students for Embedded Technology Foundation service e.g. training, seminar, workshop, industrial visit etc.

Organize Workshops

Become a leader to interact with college authorities and students to organise various events in college like seminar, workshops, project contest, exhibitions, industrial visit, guest lecture etc.

Social Media

Become active in social media for promotion on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google+ for 100 minutes per week.

What you Get

Join Us

Come On! By joining Campus Ambassador Program at Embedded Technology Foundation,you will open new doors of success in life.

Terms & Conditions:   1) Management decision will be considered as final about selection    2) We reserve all the rights to start and stop the program    3) We are open to accept entries from both male & female participants    4) Regular guidance and meeting will be organised and you are advised to attend same    5) All updates on services offered    6) We appreciate for pro-active work, always be active    7) Preference will be given to students with good communication skills    8) 5% cash incentive against all business booking e.g. admission in training,paid seminars and workshops etc.